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Avneil TS: Kismat part 3  


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Chapter 3

This is my three shot, hope you like it.

The lines in black is for what author is saying or describing, & & for neel's POV and - - for avni's POV and # # for song. I am extremely sorry for such a big episode. Also you can request me anything, request, suggestions are accepted.

Thank you for appreciating previous chapter, now I will keep my mouth shut and let you read.


Author's POV

Avni drives the car and comes to a far away park. It's a big and beautiful park. She comes inside the park and starts to walk on the foot path. She is in her own world unaware of the people in the park like they don't exist.

# Kise poochun, hai aisa kyun

Bezubaan sa, ye jahaan hai #

She goes and sits on the bench which is near the pond; she bends forward and covers her face with her hands. She thinks about her conversation with juhi.

# Khushi ke pal, kahan dhoondhoon

Benishan sa, waqt bhi yahan hai #

She starts to cry.

# Jaane kitne labon pe gile hain

Zindagi se kayi faasle hain

Paseejte hain sapne kyun aankhon mein

Lakeer jab chhoote in haathon se yoon bewajah #

- All my life I had never prayed to you because you never answered my prayers to punish dayawanti Mehta for her sins, before that I used to despite the fact that half of them still remained unanswered. But when you didn't answer my prayer and punish me with so much of sorrow, my trust broke, my faith that I had on you broke. My heart was burning with the fire of revenge, but after you made neel's entry in my life, slowly he replaced my hatred with love and made me have faith on you again. But god you cheated me again, I wished to you, that me and neel should stay together happily, the same way like prince and princess stay in fairytales- happily ever after. But you snatched my happiness again, you again wrote sorrow and misery in my fate. Why do you hate me so much? -

# Jo bheji thi duaa, woh jaake aasmaan

se yoon takra gayi ke aa gayi Hai laut ke sadaa(X2) #

She is shivering and crying very badly, due to her sobs she is finding it difficult to breathe. And she starts to hyperventilate. Even the people nearby takes a notice of her but doesn't step forward to console her, they remain standing for a minute then continues their exercise, jogs or chit chat. Some kids wants to go to avni to ask her about what happened, why she is crying but their parents doesn't let them and rather drags them out of the area where avni is sitting forcefully.

- Why do you dislike me so much, why so hatred towards me? Why do you write so little happiness in my fate and so much sorrow? Why you take all the people I love away from me? First you took aisha ma then my dad, my childhood, my family, my friends and now neel. Why don't you take my life, why do you always save me from death, why don't you let me die so that I can save myself from pain. Why are you killing in like this? Why? Without neel I am lifeless, just physically alive, my heart and my soul, my emotions my feelings are already dead inside me. So what's the use of keeping me alive, besides punishing me, hurting me, torturing me by my emotions. And I can neither live like this nor take my life. Because its neela ma's life too. I have to live like this and die every moment seeing my loved ones getting away from me. -

# Saanson ne kahan rukh mod liya

Koi raah nazar mein na aaye

Dhadkan ne kahan dil chhod diya

Kahan chhode in jismo ke saaye #

She wipes off her tears.

- God you think you will break me completely, so you have mistaken. I am not weak and vulnerable like you think I am, neel says I am a strong and a brave girl. And I wont let him down, I wont let him to be proved wrong. I will live this life, I wont break and let you win. So what if you have taken my neel, my love from me. I have his memories; I will live my whole life with those beautiful memories. -

# Yehi baar-baar sochta hoon tanha main yahan

Mere saath-saath chal raha hai yaadon ka dhuaan #

A tear falls off her eye. And slowly she feels another wave of tears coming out of her eyes, she sadly shreds her tears.

- But its easier to say then to do. In excitement I said that, but in reality, I cant live without neel. He is my life my heart my soul my everything. Also my heart is with him, I had left my heart with him, and without my heart I am not alive. It feels so hollow without him. Why destiny why, why did you rob me, why did you took everything that was mine and left nothing except the sorrow that I had buried long ago. What was my fault that I have to undergo all this. I had just wished for one single thing, neel and nothing else. Is wishing a crime that I have committed and because of which I am getting punished again? -

# Jo bheji thi duaa, woh jaake aasmaan

se yoon takra gayi ke aa gayi Hai laut ke sadaa #

And she cries more badly.

After a minute or so her phone rings, which drags her out of the gloomy state which she is enjoying for so long. She wipes off her tears and picks up the phone, and says "hello"

Avni says "yes, ok thank you, I am coming to pick up the files"

Avni gets up from the bench and walks towards her car absent-mindedly; she sits in it and drives to the hospital to collect the files. After 20 minutes of drive, she reaches hospital, she goes inside and comes back soon with two files. She sits in the car and places the file on the passenger seat.

- I will check these file later, right now I have to go away from here, I cant live in the place that is full of neel's memories. -

She drives her car, and takes a new route to go out of Mumbai. After half an hour of driving she feels suffocated as all the memories is flashing in her mind, and due to which she is not able to stop her tears. And she is not able to concentrate on the road, usually driving distracts her mind but this is not the case today. She turns on the radio as the silence is killing her, because it is doing nothing but digging her fresh wounds. She thought that songs will help her think about something else then neel, but it didn't go the way she planned. The radio starts, the RJ says "now coming a very beautiful song, enjoy it" and song plays.

# Jo Main Jaanti, Ki Preet Kare Dukh Hoye
Toh Nagar Dhindora Peet Ti,
Kehti Preet Na Kariyo Koyi
Jo Main Jaanti, Ki Mann Khud Bairi Hoyi
Har Dagar Dhindora Peet Ti,
Kehti Preet Na Karyo Koyi #

Listening to the song, avni's tears starts to fell off her eyes fast as if they are having a race. Her tears are flowing continually out of her eyes. She wants to turn off the radio but is not able to, as if something is stopping her from doing so.

# Jo Main Jaanti , Ki Preet Kare Dukh Hoye
Toh Nagar Dhindora Peet Ti,
Kehti Preet Na Kariyo Koyi
Jo Main Jaanti, Ki Mann Khud Bairi Hoyi
Har Dagar Dhindora Peet Ti,
Kehti Preet Na Karyo Koyi

Toh Nagar Dhindora Peet Ti,
Kehti Preet Na Kariyo Koyi
Har Dagar Dhindora Peet Ti,
Kehti Preet Na Karyo Koyi #

She reminisces her moments with neel when they come in his apartment. She is crying and smiling, crying because she cant live with neel now, that she cant have more memories with neel. And smiling because her memories are so beautiful.

# Kaash Ke Yun Ho Jaave, Neend Meri Khul Jaave
Aur Koi Keh De Hum Se, Ki Sapna Tha
Kaash Ke Yun Ho Jaave, Neend Meri Khul Jaave
Aur Koi Keh De Hum Se, Ki Sapna Tha

Ki Sapna Tha, Par Ye Sach Na Tha
Kya Jaanun Main Kaun Hai Sapna,
Aur Sach Kaisa Hoye #


In night

Avni is making the bed while songs are playing on her phone in the background in a low volume and she is singing it out load.

# Aankhon ko teri aadat hai
Tu dikhe na toh inhe shikayat hai #

Neel comes out of the bathroom after having a shower; he comes out while rubbing his hair with towel. As soon as he hears her voice he gets mesmerized. He gets lost in her melodious voice and stops there.

# Bin chhuye chhu liye hai
Tune mujhko diye hai
Pyar ke ye tarane jaaniya

Yeh jo ab ho raha hai
Kuch ajab ho raha hai
Kya yahi hai pyaar ka hai ehsaas #

He smiles stupidly after hearing her sing the last line thinking that indirectly she is realizing and confessing her love for him.

# Sau aasmaano ko aur do jahano ko
Chhod ke aayi tere paas (x2) #

He walks to her and hugs her from behind leaving her so startled and he sings while inhaling in her nape of neck.

# Jaane kya hone laga
Mujhko nahi hai khabar
Kyu neend se door ye
Jaani laggi hai nazar #

Avni breaks her hug and turns and sings while putting her hands around his neck.

# Chhodo ye sari baatein
Ab milli hai jo raatein
Inhe jaane na dena jaaniya #

Neel sings :  # Yeh jo ab ho raha hai
Kuch ajab ho raha hai
Kya yahi hai pyar ka hai ehsaas #

Avni sings :

# ko aur do jahano ko
Chhod ke aayi tere paas (x2) #

Both are looking in each others eyes very deeply like if they even blink they might lose the each other, like they want to keep each other in their eyes as if the world is ending. Their stare is very intense. He grabs her hand and puts it on his shoulder and then he puts his hand around her waist. While his free hand grabs her other free hand and they starts to dance. Neel sings

# Aankhon ko teri aadat hai
Tu dikhe na toh inhe shikayat hai

Bin chhuye chhu liye hai
Tune mujhko diye hai
Pyar ke ye tarane jaaniya #

He twirls her three times

# Yeh jo ab ho raha hai
Kuch ajab ho raha hai
Kya yahi hai pyar ka hai ehsaas #

Neel again holds her in previous posture then bends her backwards, then he pulls her forward. Avni sings

# Sau aasmaano ko aur do jahano ko
Chhod ke aayi tere paas #

Avni frees her hand and encircles her hand around his neck while he encircles around her waist and they dance.

# Sau aasmaano ko aur do jahano ko
Chhod ke aayi tere paas

Sau aasmaano ko aur do jahano ko
Chhod ke aayi tere paas #

It was the last song in her play list, for few mintues they were lost in each others until avni's phone rings, it was neela ma.

They break apart, avni picks her phone and goes to the balcony to answer the call while neel angrily goes to the bed and pretends to sleep. Avni comes after few minutes and sees neel sleeping. She goes to the bed and lies down. She hugs him and says"I am so sorry neel" thinking that he is asleep. Neel heart melts and he hugs her back tightly and she is taken aback. She breaks the hug while neel is not in favour of it and she playfully hits him on the shoulder and pretends to be angry. She rests her back on the bed, pouts and sees elsewhere. Neel smiles and says "I am sorry wifey" and he hugs her, she hugs him back. Then they sleep.

*****END OF FLASHBACK**********

# Jo Main Jaanti, Ki Preet Main Pagal Hoye
Toh Dhol Nagada Peet Ti,
Kehti Preet Na Kariyo Koyi
Jo Main Jaanti, Ki Mann Khud Bairi Hoyi
Har Dagar Dhindora Peet Ti,
Kehti Preet Na Karyo Koyi

Nain Bane Banjare, Phirte Maare-Maare
Har Pal Teri Baat Nihaare, Pal-Pal Bhar-Bhar Aaye
Nain Bane Banjare, Phirte Maare-Maare
Har Pal Teri Baat Nihaare, Pal-Pal Bhar-Bhar Aaye
Pal-Pal Bhar-Bhar Aaye

Mann Mora Murjhaaye,
Kaahe Tarse, Badla Barse
Jo Main Jaanti, Ki Preet Main Pagal Hoye
Toh Dhol Nagada Peet Ti,
Kehti Preet Na Kariyo Koyi
Jo Main Jaanti, Ki Mann Khud Bairi Hoyi
Har Dagar Dhindora Peet Ti,
Kehti Preet Na Karyo Koyi  .#

As soon as the song stops her car also stops in the middle of the road and she bangs her hand on the stirring wheel while crying badly.

- Why are you troubling me more god, my life is already full of troubles, why giving me more.-

She gets out of her car with her phone only and starts to walk. The roads are well-lit else it would be very dark.

Scene ends and new scene starts with neel.

Neel applies break in his car abruptly, throwing himself and DD ahead.

& This is avni's car, finally I have found her, but why is it in the middle of road, I think it may be broken. I hope that she is in it only &

DD says "what happened sir"

Neel says "this is avni's car"

They then rushes out of the car and goes to avni's car. Before reaching neel runs back to his car to get a spare key of avni's car.

& I think she would not be there in it.&

After getting it he goes back to her car and unlocks it. They don't find anyone inside the car. He finds two reports in the passenger seat. He kicks the tire of the car in anger, then he walks a few steps away from car and moves his hand over his hair. DD takes the files out.

& Why avni, why couldn't you wait for some time. Why are you punishing me god, why don't you let me meet my avni? &

DD says "sir what are these files about"

Neel says "I don't know DD" he is too engrossed that he doesn't want to see the files. He walks a bit and falls on the knees and covers his face with his hands and few tears fell off his eyes. DD doesn't notices it as he is busy going through the files.

& Please god give me my avni back soon, please god. I cant live without her. &

After scanning the two files, he says "sir ji" and looks and finds him in that position. He runs to him and sits next to him, and holds him to make him stand. DD hugs him and says "sir ji, congratulations, sir bhabhi solved the bomb blast case" neel looks at him in confusion. DD shows the file and says "its a finger print report, according to which, amol is the mastermind who planned your bomb blast"

Neel says "what"

DD smiles widely and says "yes and also congratulations sir"

Neel says "about what"

DD says "sir ji, bhabhi is pregnant"

Neel says "what, really" and he his all sadness vanishes in a second as if it was never there. He laughs with DD and hugs him.

& Oh my god, really, I am so happy, we will soon be parents, oh avni I will find you soon and then we will be happily ever after &

DD says "sir ji, lets find bhabhi fast" and neel nods and they goes back to their car and drives ahead. And now neel is charged with a new spirit. After driving a some hundred metres, neel again hits the break abruptly.

Neel says "look DD there is a dupatta lying on the road"

& I just hope that avni is fine, and its not her dupatta, god just keep her safe. &

They gets out of the car, while neel is mentally fighting all the bad thoughts he is having about avni, and walks to the dupatta, DD says "is this bhabhi's" neel who was looking at the ground like he is searching for something and sadly says "yes it is hers only" with this a tear fall off his eye. He picks it up.

DD says "don't worry sir bhabhi will be alright"

Neel nods.

& I hope you are fine avni, if anyone would have even bad eyed you then I promise i will kill him &

He walks ahead few steps and bends to pick up a bracelet lying there.

Neel says "DD this is avni's, I had gifted her this a few days back" and he feels nostalgic.


Avni is in the kitchen making dinner. Door bell rings and she goes to open the door and finds a smiling neel. She goes back to the kitchen while saying "what happened mr super cop, why so happy all of a sudden"

Neel goes behind her and says "cant I be happy"

Avni says "of course you can"

Neel hugs her from behind and avni gets shy and says "what are you doing neel"

Neel says "nothing just romancing with my tubelight wifey"

And then he turns her and says"close your eyes"

Avni says "why"

Neel says "surprise my tubelight"

Avni smiles and closes her eyes. Neel takes out the box and opens it and then holds it in front of her, he says "open your eyes"

Avni opens her eyes and after looking at the box she becomes awestruck.

Neel asks "you like it?"

She smiles and says "like it, no , I love it, neel its so beautiful, thank you so much for this bracelet"

Neel takes it out of the box and takes avni's hand and makes her wear it. She smiles and neel pulls her closer. They get lost in each other's eyes.

After a minute avni gets back in reality and gets shy being so close to neel. She blushes and pushes neel away and turns to continue cooking. Neel smiles seeing her act like this.

Avni says "go and get fresh also let me cook dinner"

Neel nods and walks towards the bedroom smiling.

*****END OF FALSHBACK**********

DD says "sir don't worry, we will find bhabhi soon"

Neel nods.

DD checks her location and says "Sir ji she is near only, if the phone is with her only, sir ji call her" and neel calls her.

Neel says "She isn't picking it"

DD says "Try one last time"

Neel says "Ok"

And neel calls and after the call ends he smiles and runs back to his car, seeing him DD runs behind him while muttering lots of questions, while neel isn't bothered to answer. They sit in the car and neel races his car on the road.

Scene ends here, and previous scene continue of avni.

After walking for a some hundred meters, she finds that this is the starting of some kind of society as there are many houses. After walking a bit ahead, a thing comes out of nowhere and collides with her foot, its a bottle. She looks in the direction from where the bottle come and sees some drunken men standing there in the corner. She gets scared.

- Oh no, they should ignore me, god please save me. God help me please.-

She starts to walk fast, as fast as she could, she cant even run in her heels properly also running would grab the attention.

Someone shouts "here you you stop"

Another person says "such a beauty"

Avni gets startled and she stops in her pace, she looks back and finds all the men on the road and not in the corner. They start to stumble forward towards her. She gets more scared and she runs. Seeing her run, men also run behind her. One of them is faster than her as he is less drunk, he gets near her after running behind her for 5 minutes or more, he tries to grab her but grabs her dupatta. He gets angry and throws it and again runs behind her and this time he is able to get a hold of her after running for some time. He pulls her closer to him. He is holding her wrist too forcefully so tightly that her bracelet falls off. Being the wife of a super cop she hits him hard between his legs and runs again, while the man falls on the road in pain. The other men come to his aid. But he shouts "go grab her" and all other men runs. Avni runs as fast as she can while carrying her heels in her hand. She is getting tired also on running with naked feet on the road her feet are paining. Her breathe is not regular. There is no place where she can hide, also there is no time for her to knock on the door and ask for help.

- Why is it happening with me only, and how can you be so stupid avni, how can you get out of your car at night? Why am I so unlucky? -

She stops for a few seconds her catch her breath and give her legs a bit rest. But suddenly she hears a shout "there she is"

She starts to run again. But due to her paining legs, her speed is decreasing and because of it, one of the men grabs her hand. He pulls her and holds her hands in front of her chest while her back is facing his chest.

He says "where will you go beauty"

And avni uses the self defence technique that neel has taught her in their first meet to free herself. She is able to free herself but before kicking that man in his manhood, another man holds her. She feels disgust in their touch. They makes a circle around her, trapping her and they pushes her, pulls her, passes comments to her, and tries to touch her while she is not able to do anything except for crying and begging. But they are not listening to her and are busy in harassing her.

Someone says "leave her, first I have to take my revenge"

And the group makes way for him to come.

He grabs her hair and pulls it and before he could utter anything she spits on his face. He gets angrier and throws her on the ground very forcefully, and her head gets hit with the rock and blood starts to come out, also her arms get scratched.

He says "I think she has to get a lesson, lets take her to my farmhouse"

Before he could go near her to lift her up, a police siren is heard. They get scared and run away. Avni is too hurt to stand up on her own so she keeps lying on the road.

- Thank you god, you saved me today from these monstrous people. -

Old man and old woman come into avni's view rather than the police van and help avni to stand on her feet.

Old lady says "it was us who made the police siren sound, are you fine" avni nods.

- Thank you god for sending these angels for my help -

They supports her and takes her to their home, when they come to their house, they help her and takes her to the guest room and makes her lie there on the bed. The old man goes and comes back with a first aid box and the old lady does avni's first aid while old man goes outside to have water. After she completes avni's dressing, old man comes back.

Old lady says "what's your name child"

Avni says "my name is avni"

Old lady says "such a beautiful name"

Avni says "thank you"

Old lady says" I am Reena and he is my husband David, you can call us dadi and dadu just the way my grandson Aakash says"

Avni says "ok dadi and thank you so much dadi and dadu for saving me"

Reena says "oh don't thank us, its our duty, right dave"

David says "yes reenu"

Reena says "I will get you a glass of juice and some cookies and dave please check if aakash is back or not"

David says "ok reenu"

And they both go out of the room.

- They are so nice; I wish I could have grandparents like them.-

After some moments, the door of the room in which avni is staying opens, reena comes with a glass of juice and a plate full of chocolate chip cookies. She hands over the glass to avni and places the plate on the bed side table.

The door bell rings.

Reenu says "you drink this, I will come" and avni nods as reena goes out of the room.

When reena opens the door she finds two young men standing on the door.

She asks "who are you"

David and aakash comes behind her to see who has come this late. Suddenly aakash salutes these men and says "Jai hind sir, sir you here, what happened sir, oh sorry sir come inside"

They come inside and reena closes the door behind them.

David says "aakash you know them?"

Aakash says "yes dadu, they are my seniors,he is ACP neel khanna and he is DD"

David and reena nods.

Neel takes out his phone and shows them avni's photo and asks "she is my wife, you said she is here,"

***FALSHBACK *****

When they saw avni lying on the road, they go to her and makes her stand, before doing so david sees her phone lying on the road and puts it in his pocket. They support her and take her inside. When they come to their house, they help her and take her to the guest room and make her lie there on the bed. The old man goes and comes back with a first aid box and the old lady does avni's first aid. Meanwhile david goes outside to have water. He puts avni's phone on the dining table and goes towards the kitchen. While coming back, he sees avni's phone ringing, he doesn't go to give avni her phone rather he picks it up himself. The caller idea was showing neel's name.

Neel says "hello avni, thank god that you picked my phone this time, avni where are you please tell me, I am so worried about you."

David at first thought not to tell where avni is as neel might not be a good person that's why avni didn't pick up his calls but after listening to neel's worried voice, he gave up and says "son, I don't know who are you but the phone that belongs to the girl I presume is your avni, don't worry she is safe and sound at my house"

Neel says "thank you sir, thank you so much" at this point tears starts to escape his eyes.

David then tells him his address

Neel says "I am near only sir, I am coming, once again thank you sir"

David says "god bless you my child"

And he hangs up the phone and goes back to the guest room where he finds that his wife has already done avni's dressing.

Meanwhile neel races his car to find the address.


Reena says "yes child she is here only in the guest room there" and she points towards the door.

Neel says "thank you" and he starts to walk but reena says "wait" causing him to stop in his tracks, he turns towards reena and sees her with confused looks.

& What happened now? &

Reena says "neel, I want to tell you that your wife is a bit injured, actually some goons were harassing her but we saved her in time"

& I will kill those monsters who dared to harass ACP neel khanna's wife, his love, his life. They have to pay for their evil deeds. And thank you god for saving her and sending these noble souls for her aid. &

Neel's blood boiled listening reena. But he doesn't show it as his anger can wait; first he needs to see his love.

Neel says "thank you so much, I am in debt of you"

David says "son don't say like this, we did all this because its our duty and we are responsible citizens"

Neel's gets moist seeing this act.

David says "by the way, go to your wife, she seems to be very sad, go and apologize, I am sure she will forgive you, its my experience that is saying" and he sees reena, and she smiles and then neel runs to the room.

Neel knocks on the opened door, and avni sees who's standing on the door, she puts her glass on the side table and in disbelieve she rubs her eyes thinking that neel is her illusion and he cant come here as he will be with juhi.

Neel says "I am here for real, you can pinch yourself."

She pinches herself and realises that neel is actually here.

Neel says "you never believe what I do; you never see how I feel about you, you just believe what other say to you, you think that I love juhi, so now I will sing my feeling to you maybe then you get to know how I feel about you"

Neel sings:

# Tere dar pe aake tham gaye
Naina namaazi ban gaye
Ek duje mein yun dhal gaye
Aashiqana aayat ban gaye
Main aur tum... #

Hearing neel, avni's eyes gets moist.

# Kaisi dil lagayi kar gaye
Rooh ki rubaayi ban gaye
Khaali khaali done the jo
Thoda sa dono bhar gaye
Main aur tum...

Chalo ji aaj saaf saaf kehta hoon
Itni si baat hain mujhe tumse pyaar hai
Yunhi nahi main tum pe jaan deta hoon
Itni si baat hain mujhe tumse pyaar hai

Chalo ji aaj saaf saaf kehta hoon
Itni si baat hain mujhe tumse pyaar hai
Mujhe tumse pyaar hai.#. (neel walks very slowly towards avni)

# Lag na yeh dhoop zaroori
Lag na yeh chaanv zaroori
Milte hai ishq zameen par
Ab do hi naam zaroori
Main aur tum..

Apna khuda bhi hoga
Apna hi Rab le lenge
Khud ki bana ke duniya
Ye zindagi jee lenge
Main aur Tum..

Chalo ji aaj saaf saaf kehta hoon
Itni si baat hain mujhe tumse pyaar hai
Yuhi nahi main tum pe jaan deta hoon
Itni si baat hain mujhe tumse pyaar hai

Mujhe tumse... pyaar hai.. #

avni gets so lost in neel's confession through the song that she completes the female part of the song and starts to sing, confessing her own feelings indirectly.

avni sings : (neel stops hearing avni)

# Ek tum, ek main, teeja maangu kya khuda se
Dil doon, jaan doon, kya doon itna bata de
Tera mera rishta hai saanson se bhi naazuk

Tum sa, hum sa, koi duja na hoga na hua re
Do dil sa ek seene mein hai jaise main aur Tum
Ab dono hum ek jeene mein hain jaise main aur Tum #

neel joins her in singing :

# Jaan se zyada chaha tumko piya re
Harpal, hardum, humdum tumko jiya re #

neel sings alone:

# Aaj saaf saaf kehta hoon
Itni si baat hain mujhe tumse pyar hai
Yunhi nahi main tumpe jaan deta hoon
Itni si baat hain mujhe tumse pyar hai

Chalo ji aaj saaf saaf kehta hoon
Itni si baat hain mujhe tumse pyar hai
Mujhe tumse..... Pyaar hai.. # (he walks towards her)

He pulls avni out of the bed and sits on his knee and neel says " since the time I have seen you, met you, I feel that there is some kind of connection between us. Some kind of bond, that pulls me closer to you. I don't know what I am saying, but I wanna tell you everything that is there in my heart. My life was black and white. But the day I saw you, my life became colourful. Avni you coloured my world. Because of you I started living again. Because of you I am neel khanna again. The time and moments we have spent together are the best moments of my life, the magical ones. My life feels so incomplete without you. You are sunshine, the rainbow, every beautiful thing that is there in nature, of my life. My life is around you. You are the center of my life avni. In fact you are my life. Avni today I want to confess my feeling that I have for you. When you came in my life, everything changed, you changed this neel khanna. You gave him life. You made him happy. And most importantly you made him fall in love. Yes avni I love you, I love you avni. I love you very much, more than anything else. I know that the Confession's speech is bad and boring but feelings are real. It is for real that I love you avni. I will never leave you, will always make you happy, will always love you, will be there with you, will support you. I love you Avni, my miss ajooba, my jaan, my tubelight wifey. Also I will never let you go away from me; but if you go then I will get you back and will cage you in my arms forever. Avni you don't have a choice to refuse my proposal because we are already married but for formality I will ask you formally, I love you mrs avni Ayesha neel khanna, will you wanna grow old with me." he takes out the ring and holds the ring in front of him, that he has brought for avni.

Avni moves her hand forward and says "I love you neel, and I would love to grow old with you" and neel slips the ring in her ring finger. He gets up and hugs her and she hugs him back. Then they hear the sound of applause, they get startled and breaks their hug and looks in the direction where the sound is coming from. Neel's hand is still on her waist, holding her protectively, and avni is side hugging him. The applauders are none other than the old couple and their grandchild and DD. Avni blushes and neel smiles shyly and caress his hair.

The old woman says "god bless you my children"

DD says" bhabhi and bhai come we have to go home now, everyone is waiting for you"

They nods and neel and avni goes to touch their feet and take blessing, the old women didn't let avni bend to touch her and her husband's feet rather she hugs her.

She says "daughters doesn't touch feet, and you are like a daughter too me, and remember to come soon"

Avni nods.

They goes at the door of the house and bid goodbye.

DD goes ahead while avni and neel walks behind slowly.

Neel says "I am so blessed to have you in my life, I am so happy to get you back, even if fate denies our relationship, then I will write my own kismet"

Avni says "me too neel, and I know that you are in my kismat"

They goes to the car and sits, in the journey back home, DD tells about the two files and neel tells that his mom does everything.


This is my avneil ts, part 3. I cant believe that I finished my three shot, and thank you very much for appreciating it. Also as requested I will write an epilogue.

Sorry for making it this long. Hope you guys like this, if yes don't forget to hit the like and comment down below please. I love comments, so please comment and don't forget to hit the like button who so ever read this, its a humble request.

And the song names are, preet, sau aasaamno ko, jo bheji thi dua and itni si baat hai.

Sorry for any grammatical error or any other error.

Thank you for reading

Love you all




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