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Avneil FF: Love me Forever (teaser)  


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27/12/2017 12:12 am  

Hey guys, I have come up with a new FF. Guys my mind is overflowing with new ideas and I am penning it down even though it is crazy and I have four more ideas in stock. Will write them too soon and will continue my previous work also very soon. Tell how it is?

also = = is for song.

Author's note: guys i have asked you again about but no one replied whether i should write about juhi's feelings. So finally i think i shouldnt write it as almost 50 percent people were against it. if you think that my thinking is wrong then tell me. also you can tell me if you dont like my idea of this ff, i will discontinue it.


In the park (in night)

Avni is facing the moon and talking to someone very happily over phone. Someone arrives in the park and stands behind avni at some distance.

"Avni" that stranger shouts, avni turns and sees him standing few metres away with a bouquet in his hand. Avni smiles and runs towards him.

"Happy anniversary ali, is this for me" avni says

Ali smiles and says "happy anniversary my baby, and yeah this is for you, beautiful flowers for my beautiful girlfriend" and he hands it over to her, she takes it and smells it. She hugs him and he hugs her back. When she breaks the hug and starts to separate slowly, she feels immense pain and a low scream escapes her mouth. Tears starts to escape her eyes. It feels like she is tearing apart, the pain is very much. She looks in ali's eyes, her eyes are filled with my questions, she is still in shock. She didn't know that her happiness was so short lived. She again screams because of pain.

= Beparwaiyan, =

Ali moves backwards taking each step slowly. Avni sees a knife covered with blood, her blood, in his hands. Avni touches her abdomen from where blood is coming out. She fells on the ground, lying on the ground crying while watching ali walking to his car.

= Beparwaahiyaan Kar Na Tu Yaara
Mainu Tu Ae. =

Years Later (In 2017)

Avni comes to the cliff and sits on the barrier. She looks sees the view and starts to talk to herself. After speaking out what's in her heart, she feels light. She stays there for few more mintues and then she gets up. She gets shocked seeing a man standing behind her, and in this shock she takes a step back and falls. That person seeing her about to fall tries to grab her hand but loses his balance and falls with her.


I know it is short so sorry about that. But its a teaser, I hope that it made a place in your heart. Hope you guys like this, if yes don't forget to hit the like and comment down below please. I love comments, so please comment and don't forget to hit the like button who so ever read this, its a humble request.

Also give me your valuable suggestions.

Sorry for any grammatical error or any other error.

Thank you for reading

Love you all




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