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Avneil FF: Love me forever Chapter 2  


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27/12/2017 12:15 am  

hey guys, sorry for updating this very late. but as promise here is the second Christmas gift.

hope you like it..


In Khanna house

Neel comes to his home after having a tedious day. He tries to sneak upstairs slowly. But Shweta catches him and says "tillu where are you going"

Neel lies and says "nowhere"

Shweta says, "you are trying to skip dinner, again right?"

Neel says "no, I was going to change clothes"

Shweta says, "no you were going upstairs to study a case then you will forget to have dinner and lie that you have had come back to have dinner"

Neel  thinks 'how does she know' and says "actually"

Shweta cuts him and  says, "don't say anything, just come and have dinner"

Neel follows her and sits adjacent to Shweta.

Shweta serves to Neel, and Neel serves to Shweta.

Neel says, "you also haven't had dinner, right?"

Shweta nods and says "this mom is just like her son"

neel smiles

They start to have food,

Neel says, "how was your day mom"

Shweta says, "packed as usual, tomorrow will be like that only"

Neel says "okay, so when is dad coming back"

Shweta says, "I talked to him today, he said that maybe he will be back by tomorrow evening"

Neel says "nice, then we will have a nice family time"

Shweta says "of course, that's why I am even working extra"

Neel says, "that's good mom, but don't stress yourself because of our family time, we will get it anyways sooner"

Shweta says, "I know and for family it's not stressing"

Neel says, "as you say"

Shweta says, "so how was your day, what happened today"

Neel says, "same as usual, but today was weird"

Shweta says, "tell me what happened"

Neel says, "I met a girl, she was such a ajooba I must say"

Shweta says, "a girl, tell me I am curious"

Neel says, "mom its nothing like that, actually she was full crack, she was committing suicide and when I saved her she was like I wasn't committing suicide and because of me we fell in the sea, stupid isn't it"

Shweta sees him curiously and sarcastically says "very" but neel didnt catch sarcasm in it as he is engrossed in ms ajooba's thoughts.

Neel says "also she is very bold and fearless kind of, like come near me and I will kill you types. But when she saw a snake she hugged me to life. Seriously such a ajooba"

Shweta says, "yeah what a ajooba" and she thinks 'yeah what a ajooba that made neel feel so comfortable around her and also that made him  think about her till now'

Neel says "when I told her of her two sides, she said she wasn't scared but a little shocked. And guess what she said she doesn't trust that I am a cop, I had to show her my ID"

Shweta says, "what's the name of this ajooba that didnt believe my supercop " but she wanted to says "that effect my son so much that he is continuously talking about her"

Neel says "Avni"

Shweta says, "nice name"

Neel says, "mom I have to study a case now, good night"

Shweta says, "good night"

Neel gets up and goes.

Shweta says to herself "I have to meet this girl who had such an effect on my son after one brief meeting, I am impressed. after juhi I never thought Neel will ever talk about a girl"

Shweta's phone rings. She sees the caller ID and picks it up. Shweta says, "hey Prakash"

And she gets up and goes to her room.

In Neel's room

Neel comes and lies on his bed. Neel murmurs "why am I thinking about Ms ajooba"

Neel says, "shut up Neel, and sleep"

And Neel sleeps.

In morning

In avni's home

Neela is in the kitchen making sandwiches, she says "Avni where are you, you will get late for the appointment"

Avni comes and hugs neela from behind. She says, "good morning maa"

Avni grabs the sandwich, and runs to the gate.

Neela runs after her saying "at least have breakfast properly"

Avni says "I am getting late"

Avni runs out of the house and sits in the car.

Neela says "oh this girl" neela thinks 'this is the first time i am not accompanying her, god please dont get her nervous'

Avni starts the car and goes to her doctor's clinic.

After 20 mins she reaches, the building is nice and big. After  some minutes she goes inside. The interiors are also nice, Avni goes and sits at the reception.

The receptionist calls her name and Avni goes to the doctor.

Avni knocks at the door

Someone says, "come in"

Avni opens the door and comes inside, that person says, "please have a seat"

Avni sits.

Avni reads the name plate that says, "Shweta Khanna"

The chair revolves, and the doctor is seen, reading a file.

The doctor puts the file down and says, "hey I am Shweta Khanna"

Avni says "hey I am Avni"

Hearing avni's name, Shweta thinks "why am I feeling that she is tillu's Ms ajooba"

Shweta says "hey, I was just re-reading your file, you have gone to many psychologists, but none helped you, right"

Avni nods.

Suddenly the door of cabin opens, and a man comes.

He says "mom"

Avni sees him and says "you"

The person sees Avni and says "you"

Shweta thinking "that means I am right'

Neel says, "I didn't know that you will take my advice to go to a psychologist so seriously that you will come to my mom, or do you liked me so much that you stalked me"

Avni says "none"

Neel says "then"

before Avni can speak, Shweta says "what brings you here tillu"

Avni silently smiles hearing tillu.

Neel says, "actually mom, you forgot this file"

Neel gives the file.

Shweta says "thank you, now please let me do my work"

Shweta smiles and Neel nods. And he goes out.

Shweta says "so where were we, yeah, so Avni what's your biggest problem"

Avni says "doctor, actually I have trust issues and hatred towards men, also that one incident changed me. I  have nightmares too. "

Shweta says "what kind of nightmare, and when do have it mostly"

Avni says "like someone is killing me, and its not fixed as such, it mostly comes when I think about my past and around 1st September."

Shweta says "what happened on 1st September"

Avni's eyes becomes her depiction of her soul which is pained, emotionless, rock and black, she says "on 1st of September, my boyfriend stabbed me literally"

And a tear fell off her eye, Shweta passes her tissue, Shweta is also pained to hear that.

Shweta says "I need to know about what happened from the starting so that I could help you, can you tell me"

Avni says "yes I will tell you everything about my life"


precap: avni tells her story


hows it, please comment and vote.


thank you

love  you



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