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Prithvi Comes to see Preeta For Marriage - Daily Episode Discussion and Synopsis  


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Karan Comes to Preeta’s House . Preeta gets surprised on seeing karan at her home , and she questions him – Why he was there at her house to which karan replies that he has been called by preeta’s Mother. Karan tries to tease Preeta By saying that her GOING TO BE HUSBAND is an alcoholic , “ Champuu… Chusa hua Aaam .. “ Preeta gets annoyed and goes to the living room , As the Bell rings , Sarla Goes to open the door , and welcomes the Guests . Karan was still thinking that
the Boy will not be handsome , will be champu …! But as he enters – He shows his “ SANSKAARS “ by touching the feet of Biji and Sarla . And Everyone is surprised to see him . Even Karan gets Insecured as deep down his heart he also finds him handsome. Prithvi asks Preeta’s Mom about karan , and Guesses that Both karan and sameer are Cousin Brothers of Preeta . Karan was drinking Water , as soon as he heard COUSIN BROTHERS , He starts Coughing . Preeta teases karan by

giving a look that Prithvi is much better than Karan. Then asks Preeta that he wants to talk to Preeta  alone if she agrees . Sarla Grants Permission and so does Preeta . Both go the Room to talk to each other , and He asks Preeta about her Hobbies and what does she like to do in her free time. He then Asks Preeta About her Boyfriend …..
Precap : Preeta tell  that her engagement was called off. Will Prithvi agree to marry Preeta …?
What do you Guyz Think..?

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