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Mujhe teri zaroorat hai chapter 1  


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23/09/2017 8:25 pm  

Dev dixit

     Lost his father when he was so young.Only son.Living with his mother.Had seen so many difficulties in life and worked hard and had become a very famous business tycoon.Good at heart,smart by mind ,totally a versatile person.But now,he is not the way he was before.Dev has become mentally unstable.He could not recognize anyone.Has become a child by behavior.


Sonakshi Bose

   A well known doctor .loves her parents and stays with them.Can do any least possible thing for them.But doesn't have the contentment in life.feels as if she is missing something and is in search of it.


Let's see how these two meet and what changes will they face after meeting each other.Sonakshi will be the doctor for dev but doesn't know his reality.When she starts searching for his reality,she comes to know many things.Let's see how these secrets will change their life.

It was a busy day.Everyone's favourite Doctor Sonakshi Bose was packing all her stuffs.She was getting ready to go to her hometown,Delhi.She is staying in Singapore now but her heart is occupied with the thoughts of delhi.How hard she tried to go there,she just could not go due to her work here.But now,the tables have turned.She has got a wonderful opportunity to go there.How can she miss it.she has too many questions to be answered.And she will get answers only when she goes there.


Bijoy:shona...Why do you have to go there.You can solve it even by being here.


Asha:Bijoy..let her go na.We are also going with her.Why do you worry?


Sonakshi:Maa,baba.Dont worry.Its just a matter of 3 days.We will be back once my work is completed.Ok


Bijoy:ok shona.but only 3 days ok.i have work here.So we should come soon.


Sonakshi:Fine,mr.bijoy bose.


Asha:ok comeon its getting late.We need to go.


Sonakshi:yaya.come on.


Then they left for delhi .Sonakshi with lot of hopes.


It was a beautiful morning.Sunrays peeped through the window.Everybody out were getting ready for their work.But she was sleeping peacefully.Actually it will be more apt to say that she finally got time to sleep.Suddenly someone came and poured a bucket full of cold water on her that she woke up immediately.The person was smiling continuously at her by clapping his hands.She was so wet but still was not angry on him.How can she be angry on him.He is his son though.Yes,It was Ishwari.and the person who poured water was Dev.


Ishwari:Dev,Whats this?


Dev:Yaay.Ishu uth gayi.Isshu uth gayi.How can someone sleep for so much ishu.that why to wake you up ,I did this.choorry.


Ishwari:Its ok dev.No problem.From next time ,I wont sleep for so,go and play in the garden.Ill get ready and come out.


Then dev leaves for the garden.

Ishwari was very worried.How her son had drastically changed all these years.He,who could not see even a tear in his mothers eyes is pouring cold water to wake her up.At the age of playing with his son or daughter if he had any,he himself was playing.How fate changes everything.Nobody would say that he was once a successful businessman.She was just hoping for someone who would come and bring back her old dev.


Shedding of her thoughts,she got ready because she had promised dev that they would visit mall today .if she didn't keep her promise,dev would again do something.Then she prepared breakfast and the next thing was her biggest trouble.Dev wouldnot eat properly and she had to feed him.And dev always trouble her when he eats.Finally today she managed to make him eat properly.After the breakfast they went to mall.


After landing in delhi,sonakshi took her parents to a hotel.After getting freshened up,they decided to go to mall.But from the time,she landed in delhi.Sonakshi could feel something is coming on her way.Now she is sure that she took the right decision by coming here.


They were doing some shopping in the mall,and Sonakshi had come long way searching for something.Suddenly she saw someone chuckling at a distance.She felt attracted towards the person.He was feeding icecream to his mother.From his activities it doesn't look like he is normal.He was behaving like a child.As she saw his face and those brown eyes,she was captivated by those.It was Dev.


Ishwari then went to the washroom to clean her saree.


By the time,Sonakshi went near dev.She thought of calling him but suddenly dev heard an aeroplane sound and got panicked.He immediately grabbed Sonakshi's hands and moved from there.he then settled himself and her under a table.Sonakshi could not understand what was happening.


Both were sitting so close to each other.Again,she felt captivated with those eyes.She the asked him what happened.he took out his hand and enacted something.






Dev:Arey,don't you know,this sound it's an aeroplane.Suddenly someone will put a bomb on us and we will die.


Sonakshi:Its nothing like that. don't know.cheechee.You are so big and you don't even know what happens when this sound come.


At this,Sonakshi started smiling.He is so childish she thought.


Sonakshi:SO,what is your name?


Dev:Why shoukd I say?Ishu says that we should not say about us to unknown persons.


Sonakshi:Who is Ishu?


Dev:My mother.


Sonakshi:haaawww.You call your mother by bad.


Dev:Im not a bad boy.Why am I saying this to you.


Sonakshi:You should not share details only to unknown persons.But to friends,we can share right.


Dev:Will you be my friend.


Sonakshi:Ofcourse,ill be happy to have you as my friend.


Dev:Actually,I don't have any friend.I play only with Ishu.Will you play with me?


Sonakshi:Yaay.ill play with you.But for that I must know your name right.


Dev:MMM.My name is Dev.Mr.Dev Dixit.


Sonakshi:And im Ms.Sonakshi bose.


Dev:Son..naaa.kshii..Its too long.Ill cal you is it.


As she heard the name,she felt something different.The word shonu from his mouth gave her too many feelings.Then both shook hands became friends.Suddenly bijoy came calling Sonakshi.


Sonakshi:Dev.Sorry,I forgot I came with my friends.Ill meet you later ok.


Dev:Arey shonu.How can we meet.You don't know my house.We will do one thing.Give me your number and ill give you ishu's number.We will talk later.


Sonakshi:Brilliant dev.


Then both exchanged their numbers and then sonakshi went from there.


Dev then told Ishwari about Sonakshi.She was happy that he started mimgling with people.Now the next thing will be successful.She had to show him to some doctor who could treat him.They then went to hospital.


Sonakshi also was engrossed in dev's thoughts.She then took her parents to the hospital where she had her work.After talking to the hospitals dean her face went pale.


Bijoy:What happened shona?


Sonakshi:Baba,they are asking me to treat one person.but for that ,I need to be here.


Bijoy:no no need to be here.Tell no to them.we will go soon.


Dean:but sir,let her see him just once.we are sure Dr.Bose will definitely agree.


Sonakshi:ok .where is he?


Then the staffs brought the person there.But the person who was protesting till now came and immediately hugged her.Sonakshi too hugged him.Asha and bijoy were confused.


It was dev. here.Are you a doctor.


Dean:Dr.Bose,this was whom we were talking about.You have to traet him only.


Dev:Heyy.Shonu will treat ok.ishu,ok


Ishwari:Beta,Please say ok.I want my son back.He is so happy from the time he saw you.he is only talking about sure you will bring back my dev.


Sonakshi thought for a while and agreed.


Sonakshi:Baba,please.I need to be here.Im sure.He will be fine soon.Then ill come to our home.


Asha:But shona,where will you stay?


Ishwari:Don't worry .I will take care of her.Let her be with us.It will be easy for her to treat my dev as well.And don't worry,she will be fine with us.


Sonakshi asked bijoy permission to stay with them.


Bijoy:Beta,I was protesting because you don't know anyone here.but if you are ok with them,then no problem.You continue your work.


Dev:yaay.Shonu will stay with us.we will play a lot .ok shonu.


Sonakshi:ok dev,we will play.but you have to listen to me whatever I say ok.




After talking to the dean for sometime,she took a leave.After 2 days,she had to start her treatment with dev.She sent her parents to Singapore and went to dev's house.



Dev and Sonakshi's budding friendship


Hey guys.i don't know whether you liked the chapter and dev's character but this is important for this ff.And coming back to the updates,as I said earlier ,I will update once a week,mera sab kuch hai iss chehere pai will be updated.

Thank you.Shower your love by commenting.



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shonu moving to dev's house will be interesting....


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