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Mera sab kuch hai iss chehre pai  


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23/09/2017 9:02 pm  

Dev :A very lovable boy. 25yrs old. Loves his mother a lot. In search of a good life partner with family values 

Sonakshi:A very good girl. 22yrs.loves her family. Can do anything for them

Other characters will be introduced as the story progresses

Guys pls comment 

Whether I should continue or not

Asha-sonakshi's mom

Bijoy - Sonakshi 's dad

Elena - Sonakshi' s sister

Ishwari - dev 's mom 

Neha, nikki, riya - dev' s sisters

Also mamaji, mamiji


Asha :sona we have to talk a very important matter. 


Sonakshi :I know what it is. But I'll not hear any of it. 


Bijoy :then tell OK na Sona.


Sonakshi : but I'll not get marry now. 


Asha:he is such a nice guy. He has a mother and 3younger sisters. He loves his family a lot. He works in Delhi but his family stays here. He comes here and visits them during holidays. Though being away from his family he loves them so much. He is just like you. He will keep you happier sona


Sonakshi :but my happiness is you guys. Why don't you understand. I am not gonna get married so soon. I am just doing my final year. 


Bijoy :sona, who's telling you to get married immediately. Just think about it. When you are OK with it then tell us. We'll talk to them. 


Sonakshi : OK OK I'll think about it and tell you. But now I am getting late. Bye


Asha :this girl is just impossible. 


Dev's house:


Ishwari :they have told me that as soon as their daughter tells OK they will let us know. 


Mamaji :don't worry Ishwari. They will surely agree for it. 


Neha:yes maa. Don't worry. 


Ishwari :it's not like that neha. Sonakshi is such a good girl. She is perfect for my son in all terms. She is actually just like Dev. 


Riya :ok maa don't worry. She will agree. 


Nikki :everything is OK but will bhai agree for it. 


Ishwari :I'll make him agree. 



Dev :if you are not happy with this relationship just tell me. I just wanted to know anybody forced you for this marriage. 


Sonakshi:No its not like that.i dont have any problems. For me my family is more important. I'll do anything for them. 

Do comment and vote guys


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