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Falling for you.. - Chapter 2- Meeting Mr. Obhodro!  


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Sona stood up stammered. "Dev!", she exclaimed to receive a weird gaze from him. " I mean SIR!"(each and every student in the college should call him as 'SIR'! Rules taken from the book '50 shades of Dev Dixit'?). "What are you doing here?", he asked her sarcastically "Ummm..Sir first", she mumbled looking at him going pale."So what! No one is  supposed to enter the class without my permission", he shouted. She was scared like hell. She quickly took her bag and literally ran out of the class. "Why the hell is he pushing me out of the class? So rude! Mr.Obhodro!", she murmured at her low voice."Why is he doing all this! And to the top of it why did I fall for such a rude man!"she blammed herself mentally but blushed reminiscing her first meet with him.



Flashback:(3 years ago)


That was the first day of their college. Sona entered the gate with full excitement but an unknown fear rusted her. "Everything here is perfect but will that happen?! I have seen in many movies that whenever a girl enters there will be a group of seniors who rag her and then the hero will make his entry and save her",she thought."Ummm...but sona this isn't a movie and you are not a heroine and even if you are in problem there will be no hero to save you!", she mentally scolded herself and made her way towards the classroom when she saw someone calling her,"Hey you! Come here", a boy from a gang of four called. "Me?",she asked pathetically. "Yes you come here. What is your name? and which department are you in?", he asked. "Oh god! Sona you are dead. It seams like they are going to rag you and there is going to be no one to save you", she cried mentally and stood before them. "Ummm...Bhaiyya my name",she started to which he shouted back "Do I look like bhaiyya to you? Call me 'Sir' ", he said sarcastically. "Sorry sir, my name is Sonakshi Bose and I'm in computer science department",she said. "Oh..our department! So are you ready?, he asked smirking to her. "Ready? But for what?", she asked pathetically. "Ofcourse for entertaining us!",he said laughing at her while others did the same. She was completely in a shock. "Ok first sing a song", he said. "Your voice seems good!",said the next one. "Shut up Neil", shouted the first one

"But sir..",she mumbled to which he shouted,"Do what I say!" She pleaded him but in vain. So she sang a bengali song. Everyone were astonished! "Wow! You sing well but are you a bengali?",Neil asked to which she nodded in a yes. "May I leave?" she asked. "But I didnt finish..wait. The next thing you have to do is dance!", he said smirking at her to which her eyes widened in shock! ? "No I can't do this", she denied him. "Do what I say else ready to face the upcoming consequences in 4 long years of your college life",he said throwing his strong gaze towards her. She was shocked and scared looking pale. Tears started rolling from her eyes but just stopped when she heared someone's voice "Vicky!", he shouted and she turned towards the owner of the voice. A tall  and good looking guy approaching towards her, she was completely lost in his hazel brown eyes and all she could hear was her heart pounding in her chest. He came and asked him,"Why are you threatening this poor girl?", turned towards her and said "You, go from here" but she just stood looking at him. Vicky replied,"Hey Dev, just for fun ya!" and they both smiled and hugged each other. "They seemed to be friends for years", she thought. 

After which dev turned to see her rooted in the same place with a surprised expression,"Do you want to dance?" "What?!", she asked open mouthedly! "Then why are you standing here? I asked you to leave", dev literally shouted to which she ran away from there thinking how cold he is.

"So his name is Dev.. nah.... Mr.Obhodro", she smiled sheepishly and headed towards the class room.


(End of flashback)



She blushed reminiscing these memories when unknowing she collided on someone who is none other than elena, sona's best friend, "Madam.. What are you smiling at?!",she asked mischievously.

"Nothing!", she replied abruptly. " what are you both doing alone in the class room?", she asked her again with the same mischievous smile on her face. For that all sona could do was blush,blush and blush thinking of the word 'alone' but ended her thought bluntly and scolded elena,"Can't you just close your mouth! He asked me to get out from the class. How rude! Mr.Obhodro", she said to which elena too echoed,"Yeah.. How rude! Obhodro!!", to which sona gave her a *you are dead* look. "What?!",elena asked in a confusion. "Only I can call him as Obhodro", she said in a angry tone to which elena laughed ,"Oh possesive...!! Okay your highness!", and took her to the canteen. But sona was still in a confusion she wanted to attend the class but her idle man ordered her not to enter the class. She smiled reminscing their first class together.





After attending her ragging session she rushed towards her class and entered almost late. "Excuse me sir",saying that she stood near the door nervously. "Why are you so late even for your first class?",he literally shouted. "Sir, I am sorry sir, I came early but some senior students ragged me so",she was about to say when he continued shouting,"Don't make false excuses. Ragging is strictly prohibited inside our college campus and every senior student knows that".She was shocked, "But sir I am not lying, I was ragged by some students", she told him. "Ok so come with me during break hours and show me who is that",he shouted again. "Okay sir", she replied and entered the class. There was only one place and so she sat there beside elena. "Hi, Iam elena", she introduced herself. "Iam Sonakshi", she said smiling at her. "Did they really rag you?", she asked in shock. "Yes, they did!",sona replied. "What did they ask you to do?", she asked in excitement to which sona explained her everything that happend. "How strange sona! But I didn't see any seniors ragging new comers! I think you are the only one who was caught", she said to which sona thought,"Why am I the only one to suffer always",she mentally cried. 


After some time she saw some people  near the door,"May I come in?",one among them asked. She turned. To her surprise it was noneother than vicky's gang . "What are they doing here? Did they came to rag me here too!! Oh no!!!", she shocked and hid herself behind elena."Sona what are you doing?!!",elena asked in surprise. "Elena these were the people who ragged me. They came here to Omg!!",she closed her eyes in fear."But what are they doing here?",elena asked to herself. "Why are you late?", professor asked them to which vicky replied,"Sir, we have been ragged by some students thats why we are late". Sona sat gawing at them open mouthedly "But they are the one who ragged me", she shouted to elena. "Ok,get in", he said as they proceded inside the classroom smirking at sona."I'm going to complain about them",sona shouted. "Sona you better be quiet.These guys doesn't seem to be good",elena said to which sona replied,"But elena!",but stopped by seeing someone it was none other than Dev. "Oh gawd!! So he will also be studying in my class!!",she smiled foolishly. After all that she did was to think about their morning incident and smile during the entire class hours.


After the class hours she went out to see dev standing alone. She gathered all her courage and went near him but as he turned his gaze towards her "How cute does he looks!!",she thought sinking herself in his eyes. "Hello..what?",he asked. "Ahh!  Ummm...I mean..thank you!",she finally relieved as she said and breathed heavily."For what?",he asked almost sarcastically. "Because saved me today morning from", she was about to say whe he cut her,"Oh fine but dont take advantage of that and call me 'Sir'! Fine?",he literally shouted making her go numb and she shook her head in a yes.


(End of flashback)



"Madam why are you smiling again? Oh god this girl has gone mad!",elena shouted to which sona again smiled at her sheepishly. Elena facepalmed herself. "Elena shall we go to our class room?", she asked. "But sona your Mr.Rude asked you to get out the class" "But I can't miss my classes",sona said hesitantly,took her book and headed towards the class room but stopped in her path to see her Dev standing there with a girl. Sona stood there silently and watched them talking from far. All that she could understand was dev was shouting and arguing with her over something.


He was about to slap her when she held his hands. Sonakshi was shocked moreover she was angry. But she controlled herself. After few minutes that girl went from there. Dev stood numb. He was broken. Sonakshi had flashes of some bad memories and tears rolled upon her cheeks. She somehow gathered her courage and entered the class to see a completely broken dev. He saw her,wiped his tears and shouted, "I told you not to come inside the class" "So what?", she shouted at him taking him to a surprise.



Who was that girl? Why was dev broken? To know more wait until the next update?




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