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Falling for you..- Chapter 1- Just one mor year!  


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24/09/2017 11:54 am  

A beautiful girl was standing in the middle of a garden. She was dressed in a long red frock. Her curly hair tied loose flowing upto her waist. She stood as a flower among many. Her big dark eyes brightens on someones arrival. Her plum like lips widens on seeing the sight. All that she could see was a tall, handsome man in his white suit approaching towards her. His hazel brown eyes looking deeply into her black ones. He went on his knees infront of her and asked for her hand. She rested her slender hand on his. He took a ring from his pocket and slided onto her finger. He stood up and whispered in her ears "Ms.Sonakshi Bose I Love You!" Her eyes gleamed in happiness. She looked into his eyes passionately and was about to tell something when her alarm clock rang.

She woke up from her sleep realising that it was just a dream. A nightmare. "A beautiful nightmare", she said to herself and mentally slapped herself for dreaming such unnecessary things and stood up to get ready for her college. She dressed herself in a pink kurti and leggings, her hair tied loose. She gave a last look at the mirror before getting out, took her bag, and bid a good bye to her dad and mom. 

"Just one more year and I will be out of this college and away from him too", she thought. That was the first day to her as a final year student. She walked a few steps and waited for her college bus to come. After a few minutes, her college bus arrived, she stepped into it and took her seat. She looked outside the window and received fresh air (which is not so common in today's pollution?).

A little later the bus stopped, she looked from the corner of her eyes into the same hazel brown eyes of a person who is entering the bus. She jerked and looked somewhere when the same eyes looked into hers. He walked in his casual blue and black checked shirt with ripped jean and a side bag. All the girls in the bus were stunned to see him. Sonakshi acted as if she didnt care. He entered and looked up for a seat but there was only one. So he sat at the seat beside hers with a contagious smile on his face. Her heart skipped a beat. "No Sona control yourself..he is nothing to you",she thought and tried looking away but him.

Her heart fluttered during the whole travel from her house to college. She closed her eyes and murmured something to herself in nervousness. As soon as the bus stopped she was the first one to get down from the bus. As soon as she got down she rushed herself into the class and sat in her seat buried her face in her hands. "It's ok Sona relax", she said to herself. "Take a long breathe",she murmered, did accordingly and laid down on her desk being the only one in her class room. She heard some footsteps and sensed some familiar voice calling her name "Ms.Bose",it sounded as sweet as honey into her ears. "No.. not again",she thought and looked up to see him, THE Dev Dixit standing in front of her!


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25/09/2017 12:38 am  

sonakshi in red Frock ❤
What will happen next...?


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