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Shivika FF - Hided Truth Part 1  


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23/09/2017 7:08 pm  

Part 1

Annika was seriously watching the clock. When it reached 12:00 am Annika jumped in happiness.

Annika's pov

Today is the most important day of my life. It's 12:00 AM and the day is started. I seriously can't believe this is happening to me. At last the most awaited day of my life has arrived. I am waiting for this day to come since four months. Finally I am getting married to Shivay, the love of my life. Well I didn't confess it to him but he understand everything just by reading my eyes. I am just waiting for the right moment.

 During the phool ka chadar rasam Shivay said to me "till today you only got thorns in your life but now it's time for flowers". He did fulfill his promise. He filled my entire life with flowers. For the past two weeks he made me feel so special. He never fail to admire me. When dadi asked Shivay to stay away two foot from me his expressions changed to that of a child who lost his lollipop. I was silently giggling inside my mind.

 We had a challenge who will say I love you first but both didn't lose yet. He is waiting for me to say first. Well my bhagad billa never know I already told him I love you two times but both the time he was unconscious. He tried his own methods but all his plans flopped. One day he looked deep into my eyes and said Annika in husky voice and I fell for him again. His kanji aankh mesmerized me forever.

 I was about to say that magical words to him but luckily dadi called me and I flew from there. He never leaves a chance to romance me. He always made sure I am comfortable. Our challenge is still left but I don't think both of us will say it before our wedding. Today I am getting married. I very well remember what I said to mallika when she asked my opinions about love. But now everything changed when it rains now I think to romance with Shivay instead of worrying about my leaking roofs. I sit in a corner and smile thinking about Shivay. 

I feel so happy when I think Shivay is by my side. I am going to surprise him. I am waiting to see his reaction when he sees me wearing the bangles given by mallika. I am going to propose him first but only after our wedding. I want to see his reactions till then. Well I am going to propose first because his happiness is more important to me. Beside me gauri and bhavya are sleeping. Yesterday night we had girls night stay. 

We had a lot of fun. They are more like sisters to me. I woke up in middle of my sleep.I am not even getting sleep. This bhagad billa always come in my dreams. Already I stayed three months away from him now it's more than three weeks but still I can't be with him till our marriage. Those three months were the worst phase of my life. Staying away from him was the biggest punishment. I don't even want to think about it. I have to be happy right now. No power in this world can separate us now. I trust him completely. I love you Shivay.

She was deeply engrossed in her thought. She decided to go around the house. She thought maybe some fresh air can help her. Although she is very happy to marry him. She is a bit nervous. 

Before three days she saw him walking angrily to his room and closed it with a big thud sound. He was looking too angry. His hairs messed up. She could clearly see rage in his eyes. She was worried for him. She immediately went to his room and knocked it. He didn't respond to her. All she could hear was some smashing sound. She immediately called him through her phone. But he didn't attend her call instead he broke his phone into pieces. She was afraid now.

" Shivay are you fine? Why are you breaking everything? please open the door", she knocked his door continuously.

She couldn't go inside because window was also locked. Om who was passing by that side heard her voice. He immediately went to her.

" bhabhi what happened? Why are you crying?", omkara questioned her.

" look na om he is not opening the door. He is breaking everything inside. He is not even answering me", Annika said while crying.

" bhabhi please don't cry. let me call him", he too knocked the door but suddenly he remembered something.

" bhabhi what's the date today", om asked her.

" 10 september ", she answered him.

" bhabhi he won't listen to us today. We should leave him alone", om said to her.

" matlab", Annika couldn't understand.

" woh actually bhabhi every year in this date Shivay will lock himself in his room and break things. We tried to stop him many times but he never listened to us. In fact he will not talk to us entire day. We asked him many times but he never told the reason to us. He need some time bhabhi we should leave him alone", om explained her.

" but how can we leave him like this?", Annika didn't agree.

" please bhabhi", om tried to convince her.

He somehow took her away from Shivay's room. Next day Annika asked Shivay about this but he didn't answer her. After a lot of hungama he told her he was upset because he lost most important deal of his life to some rival on that day. He can't forgive himself for that and with that he started to sob. Annika hugged him tightly and pacified him. She wondered why shivay is crying as far as she know he is very strong and never cried for any business losses. 

On the same day evening tej uncle was talking to Annika.

" you know what beta I am so proud of Shivay. starting from his beginning he never lost even a single deal to our rivals. He is not only wall of this family but also entire oberoi empire", tej uncle said to Annika.

From then onward the doubt of Shivay hiding something to her increased in her mind. But she never asked him again because  of her trust on him. She didn't want to disturb him. If he didn't say to her then someone's welfare must be the reason for it. But being anika she decided to find the truth in her own way. She want to know what is disturbing shivay. She can't let him suffer. It's her duty to help him overcome his problem. She promised to find the truth at any cost.

At kitchen

Annika came to kitchen to eat something. She felt hungry as she woke up from middle of her sleep. She decided to eat some apple from fridge. She could smell some delicious smell from kitchen counter. She went towards it and found a plate of hot aloo poori surrounded by a bunch of roses along with a note.

To the most beautiful girl on this world i.e., my khidkhithod Annika

From your sweet singh oberoi

She smiled reading the note. He always suprises her let it be morning or night. Time was never a barrier to him.

She wished to see him but then remembered he must be busy in his conference call. She wondered how he did all this even though he is busy. She took a bite of aloo poori and found instantly Shivay made it. She started to admire his culinary skills.


She dreamed a happy life with him whereas fate already had other plans for them. What's Shivay trying to hide from her?

 If you want next update soon like and comment because I'M BAD NOT VERY BAD

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It's Great  ?.. PASSION for writing brings out the Best in Writers... 


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