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FF Shivika : One Word that Captured My Heart PART 5  


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17/10/2017 12:16 pm  

Anika goes in the temple – “ I don’t know why I’m here , I was so sure , I wasn’t going to marry that Guy … I don’t understand , what he did to me , that I’m Confused ….”
Anika – “ Ab aap hi batao bhagwaan , What should I do ..?”
Shivay Calls Again – “ hii …. There was some sort of disappointment in his voice , Anika Guessed … “
Anika – “ Ji… Boliye aap…”
Shivay – “ I’ll wait for you at the engagement Function …. Till……
Anika – “ Till….? Aage Kya….? “
Shivay – “ Till You Come … “
(He Cuts the call )

Anika – “ Helloo…. Hellooooo…… just listen , helloo suniye….!! “
(What is wrong with this man , fone karke , Dialogue maarke , phone Kaat diya ☹ )
This man is not gonna leave me , he’ll not let me deal with this peacefully
Kya zaroorat thi isko rishta leke aa gya ghar pe…!!
Shivay – To Himself “ Ab Dialogue to Maar diya , Wait till you come , Par agar who sach me nahi aayi to Izzat ki to dhajjiya ud jayengi , Aur Shivay singh oberoi never Waits for Anyone … OMG , I’m so stressed , My Business….!! “ huh…..
( He drinks a Glass of water , tries to calm himself )
“ Lets see what happens. I’ll get ready , go for the engagement , wait for 2 hours , then I’ll leave if she doesn’t come ….”
Anika – “ should I run … ? or tell my uncle about this – that I don’t wanna marry this guy…. “
She returns home and sees that Everything is so lit up. She knew it was for the engagement , but it almost looked like a marriage function ….
Unlce comes towards Anika and says – “ Thankyou Anika , I love You.. ? “
Anika knew that he wanted to say something More and she felt what he wanted to say … She knew that her family was extremely happy about her Marriage .
Anika returns to her room . switches off the Lights and Falls Asleep
Shivay gets ready for the function – Looking Dapper as always….!!
Walks downstairs and Greets Everyone , Guests Congratulate him for his engagement and everyone starts asking him about his TO BE WIFE….
Shivay tries to ignore these Questions , then , Omkaara Comes …
Omkaara – “ Finally shivay , Hum 3 bhaiyon ke beech me koi chautha (4th) aa hi gya…!! “

Shivay – “ Shutup Om… Mjhe tujhe kuchh batana hai ….!! “
Omkaara – “ Kya “
Shivay – “ Anika mujhse shaadi nahi karna chahti ….”
Everyone at the function hears this and starts STARING AT SHIVAY …
People Start Blabbering ….
Anika receives a Call – She Wakes Up …

“ Mam , Congratulations on your engagement with shivay singh oberoi. You have been appointed as a Senior Manager in our company , You can Join from tomorrow “
Cuts the phone…
Anika in shock – “ How did I get this job …? I didn’t have the experience even.. I wasn’t eligible for this ….!! “
“ Is Mr. Oberoi behind all this . ..? I always wanted a Job , it was my dream , I want to support my brother and my family , but not by using someone’s Name …. “
Kavita comes into anika’s room – “ Get , ready we have to leave in an hour… “
Will Anika Quit her job and Cancel the Engagement , or will she Agree to Marry Shivay….?
Reply in comments below.. Need your love and support Guyz..!!

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