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FF Shivika : One WORD that Captured My heart PART 4 UPDATE  


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29/09/2017 7:16 pm  

Anika is sitting in her room and she gets a call .. ( its 7 o’clock in the evening )
Anika is confused on seeing the number … But she picks the Call
It’s None other than Shivay singh Oberoi on the phone…!!
Shivay : Meri awaaz se hi aapne pehchaan liye ya apna introduction doon…?
( have you recognised me by my Voice or Should I Introduce Myself..?)
Anika : Her heart Rate Goes Up… ( Ye ho kya raha hai mere saath …? In her head ..)
( Calm down anika , shivay ka hi phone hai , aaj hi to mili hun main … )
{ Anika calms herself down… But deep Down in her heart she is a bit Excited For the 1st Time…!!
She knows this is a strange Feeling … But she doesn’t want to come to terms with reality }
Anika – “ Kon Bol rahe hain ..? “ ( Though she Knows it’s Shivay )
Shivay – ( In his deep husky Voice ) – “ Its Shivay Singh Oberoi Here “
“Mujhe pata hai aapne mujhe pehchaan Liya tha… “
( I Know You have recognized me …!! )
Anika – ( Ye to bada hi tezz hai yarr ) – “ jii nahi , maine nahi pehchaana tha aapko “
“ Aapko mera No. kaha se mila ..? “
Shivay – “ Jiska Naam Shivay se Juda ho , uske baare mein shivay singh oberoi saari Khabar Rakhta hai.. “
Anika – “ To style Maar rahe hain aap…? “
( Are you boasting in front of me..? )
Shivay – “ Nahi , Aapko Yakin dila raha hun ke Aap MERI hain…!! “ – in a romantic Way
( I’m Making you believe that YOU ARE MINE )
Anika – ( Her breathing also gets Faster … ) She takes a deep breath … ( Hai rabba , Ye kya ho raha hai mere saath , Kuchh ni hua anika … shaant ho jaa – to herself )
“ Aise kaise Main Aapki Hoon…? Abhi to 4 ghante hi hue hain mujhse mile aapko…!! Vaise bhi meri marzi to kisi ne poochi hi nahi….”
Shivay – “ Vaise main jaanta hoon k abhi aap thoda naraz hain , Confused hain …!! But kahin na kahin mujhe pata hai ke Aap mujhse shaadi karne ke liye mana Nahi karengi… “
“ Aap Yakin karein mujh par , Main hoon aapke saath , Aapke Har Faisle mein , Aapke har Sapne mein…. “
“ Agar aapko fir bhi lagta hai ke Ye shaadi aapke sapno ke beech mein aa jayegi to main Is Rishte se manaa kar doonga… “
“ Main aapko khona nahi chahta , shayad main aapko abhi jaanta bhi nahi , samajh bhi nahi paya .. Aapke mann mein bhi hazaar sawal honge mere baare mein , Par hum Ek mauka to de sakte hain ek doosre ko….? “
[ Believe me , Im there with you in your Every decision , Every Dream … I don’t wanna lose you Anika..! I know you don’t know me well and you might not be ready for the marriage right Now , But I think We should atleast Give each other that ONE CHANCE …!! But Still If You Believe that this MARRIAGE will come in way of your Dreams , I’ll Cancel It For Your Sake… ]
Anika – “ Ye aap kyaa bol rahe hai..? Mera voh matlab Nahi tha.. Mujhe thoda waqt chahiye sochne ke liye, ye mere saath ek dum se , itni jaldi sab kuch ho gaya .. Main kuchh soch – samajh hi nahi Paayi… “
Shivay – “ to main NAA samjhoon…? “
[ should I consider it as your NO ]
Anika – “ Nahi , mera matlab Yeh bhi nahi hai….!!  “
[ I don’t Mean this,,,]
Shivay – “ Toh aapka matlab kya hai…? Aap Kya chahti hain…? “
[Then what do you mean …? ]
Anika – “ Dekhiye ABhi main kuchh nahi kehna chahti , mujhe thoda waqt dijiye… “
[ I need some time right now Shivay , I don’t wanna say anything right now… ]
Shivay – “ Thike , Main Tumhaare Jawaab Ka intzaar Karunga “
[ Ok I’ll wait For Your Decision ]
Shivay Cuts the call….
Anika – “ Hello…. Hello…. “
{has he cut the call…? }
( Lagta hai , shayd maine usko hurt kar diya , Gussa to ni karr gaya voh…? Par Mujhe kuch ajeeb kyun lag rha hai , Kuch Bura Kyun Lag raha hai…? )
[ Why I’m Feeling something Unusual …? Am I Feeling Bad For it…? Ohh god… He’s Nobody to me , then Why I’m Thinking so much..? ]
[ Why Couldn’t I say NO to him..? What stopped Me…? ] – She Felt something strange…. But she Couldn’t Figure out what she was exactly Feeling….!! –
Is That Beginning Of Love…?
Shivay – [ it’s ok .. Its her life , Im nobody to decide anything … Let her say NO to me…. I’ll accept it gracefully ]
But deep down his heart – He felt bad … Because he Wanted Anika as his Life Partner , But He Knew that Anika Would say NO to him… He was Already Prepared For it… He Gave up all his Hope….
Does destiny has something Else for shivay…? Will Anika Agree…?
Reply In Comments Below.. Guyz…
Need Your Love and Support….!!

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