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Admin Highly appreciates writers for their wonderful imaginations , Creations , Edits and Fan Fictions and hardwork put on by them. The content Posted by the members SOLELY BELONGS to THEM. They have the Full right to Modify , Edit , Publish their Content . If they wish to publish their content anywhere else - Yes , They can Publish their content and work Anywhere where they Wish to because Its their hardwork and creation . This site doesn't hold back writers from publishing their work anywhere else apart from this site due to Copyright of this site, they are free to publish anywhere apart from this site as per their wish- ONLY they THEMSELVES can publish their OWN Work . NEITHER this site Encourages Publishing any Copyright content Here or any sort of other copied material of someone else HERE . Only Post Your OWN WORK HERE. Admin is Not Responsible For such Actions of members Or any other Spam Postings. All CREDIT Goes to RESPECTIVE MEMBERS  for their POSTS .
COPYING THE CONTENT of ADMIN is PROHIBITED . Admin Appreciates all the writers and Respects all the writers for their work . WISHING GOOD LUCK to all the Writers For their wonderful content and Hardwork... 
Keep Up The Good Work...?
                                                                - ADMIN

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