Advay Chandni Find ways to each others hearts? despite misunderstandings…

Love is always tested. It always has to face hardships and has to surpass all the obstacles to reach it   . The journey of advay chandni began on a hard note , advay always blaming chandni and thinking that she is responsible for his family’s demise. He lost his parents and got separated from his brother during the whole fuss… We might think that Advay should act smartly and try to find out who the real culprit is ..?? But one should put him/herself at his place and think the hardships ADVAY went through his life … Do you think despite losing ur parents – family  YOUR brain works ENOUGH to find out the culprits.. THis is a stage when one is shattered …!! BRAIN DOESN’t Work Enough to figure out about who did the planning and all….. It’s a stage of Emotional stress.. Read More Below..

Same is the Fate of chandni…!! She didn’t Even knew that Indrani Vashishtha was her step mom and she was always a Pawn of her CHESSMASTER mother…!! She was being used all the time.. THis show revolves around the Journey they both share… LOVe heals EVERYTHING … YEss..!! YOu have to find it…!! You have to feel it ..! You have to Believe in the Beauty Of Love…!!! In the Power Of LOVE….!!
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