Karan Saves Preeta Kundali Bhagya Latest News

Karan Saves Preeta Kundali Bhagya Latest News

kundali bhagya upcoming story latest news gossip

Prithvi has more Evil Intentions. He wants to kill his going to be Bride Preeta . From the begining karan and Preeta have a Great Chemistry and are good friends , though they keep on Fighting With Each other . Karan Has not been Happy since Preeta agreed to marry prithvi . He has been behaving so weird but he couldn’t figure out why he is becoming so possessive about Preeta …! In Preeta’s Engagement , Prithvi and Rishabh Both have Come . Sherlyn and Prithvi are trying to Harm Preeta and her Family . Sarla Sends Preeta to Kitchen to Find Jahnvi , But Nobody Knows what Prithvi’s intentions are ..! Prithvi sets the Kitchen on Fire and the door gets locked due to heavy sacks lying on the floor . Preeta Couldn’t get out of the kitchen . she tries to

Throw some water on the Fire , but of no use as the Fire keeps on Increasing. But at the end Hero has to save her Love – Preeta … Prithvi breaks kitchen’s door and Comes to save Preeta . But as he enters the kitchen , His Shawl catches Fire …! ! Wonder what happens in the Upcoming Episdes….
And One Question still on everyone’s Mind …!! Who Will Marry Preeta Finally….??
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Abhi’s Life in Danger Kumkum Bhagya Upcoming Story

Abhi’s Life in Danger Kumkum Bhagya Upcoming Story

kumkum bhagya upcoming story latest news gossip

Recently Pragya has Hired Monica to be Abhi’s Secretary . She thinks that she Couldn’t Be all Around Abhi all the time , So she hires Monica as Abhi’s secretary thinking that she will stay with Abhi all the time and will Protect Him . Pragya also Gives Some important Files to monica for some Work . Pragya Doesn’t Know that Abhi’s Life is in danger as The Person who wants to kill Abhi is none other than Monica Herself…!! Pragya has Always Loved Abhi and Fulfilled all the Responsibilities of A Loving and a Caring Wife . That’s Why a Wife is Called Better half …!! No Matter What Abhi’s Family has been doing with Pragya – she has been so much through all the

emotional stress , but keeping Personal Grudges Aside , Pragya Always Prayed For her Husband Abhi . She always Stood By Abhi in order to protect him . THis time again she wants to Protect Abhi , But She Herself Landed Abhi in a Big Trouble . News are around that Alia will start Doubting Monica’s Intention and she will inform pragya about that . Alia and Pragya Might be together to save Abhi – That will be Nice to see in the Upcoming Episodes . Stay Tuned to TellyLove For More Updates .
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Pragya’s Patience tested AGAIN- For How Long..? -Telly Love ? SEO

Pragya was promised by Munni that she will move out of abhi’s life and Pragya and abhi can live a happy life there after.. But Again Twist of Fate – When Abhi was walking towards his car , He Noticed Munni staring at him. Munni was Looking at abhi for the last time. she Just wanted to have a GLIMPSE of the “GOOD MAN – ABHI ” he met. She was very well aware of the feelings that abhi had for pragya and wanted to go away from their lives. Abhi MOVES AWAY from his car and starts

stepping towards Munni and SUDDENLY – BOOOMMM…. His Car BLASTS… On FIRE…!! As Abhi has already taken few steps away from his car towards Munni , SO he SURVIVED – You can Call it LUCK , Munni’s CARE for Abhi or PRAGYA’S LOVE for ABHI…
BEING NICE always PAys.. ABhi has never done anything wrong to his family , friends and Being NOBLE PAYS…!! He survived that blast.. Pragya kept Waiting for MUNNI at the temple and she many times thought that

MUNNI has Betrayed her…!! But Munni returns to pragya and explains her everything ..!! Pragya’s PATIENCE has already been tested… So many times.. She Just wanted HER LOVE ABHI to be in his life… She just wanted a SIMPLE LIFE with her LIFE partner – But see how much she has to Suffer and how many hardships she has to face to be with her Love……
Keep Falling in Love…!

Pragya Is Heartbroken ?.. – Tellylove?

Pragya has been doing everything a wife does for Abhi , A Daughter Does for her family.. On Her Return , She Wanted to see Abhi , Daadi And all her Family Members.. But She was Heartbroken? … She Couldn’t bear Abhi getting married and she was sad at how Abhi and his family reacted on

seeing Pragya..!!She Wished Her Eyes Never Opened , She should Have died and shouldn’t Be alive.. She is totally Justified , bcz one gets Shattered? when Your Family is not happy to see you, Your Family Doesnt support You.. She Faced Many hardships… Fought With Many For Abhi , But this was the Worst experience she had as

she couldn’t get a warm and Lovely Reception on her return..
She Wanted Her husband to be waiting for her and her family to be waiting for her ,,, but she couldn’t get a lovely reception and acceptance by her Family and Abhi…
Life Is Built Up with these small Happiness , small Moments … Make Those Moments Special Guyzz… Spread THe Love..?!!

Munni taking Pragya’s Place…? Kumkum bhagya – Telly Love ? – seo

Pragya has returned back , But she couldn’t find her

Place in Abhi’s heart? and her Family. Abhi still Thinks that Munni Is Pragya…! He still remembers every bit of moment spent with her. In the episodes also he asks Pragya ( Munni ) TO Help him in making Music . Then he asks her to make COFFEE Which HE likes before Making Any Music Album. Munni gets Confused and is in a state of fix that ABhi is THE IDEAL HUSBAND every Woman could dream of ?… He remembers EVERYTHING About Pragya But still Cant

recognize that SHE is NOT the REAL PRAGYA… At some instances Munni is also Moved by Abhi’s Gestures Towards His WIFE? and seems to get emotional. Slowly she’s trying to get into Pragya’s Shoes…!! That might not seem okay for ABHI- PRagya FANS…!
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