Abhi’s Life in Danger Kumkum Bhagya Upcoming Story

Abhi’s Life in Danger Kumkum Bhagya Upcoming Story

kumkum bhagya upcoming story latest news gossip

Recently Pragya has Hired Monica to be Abhi’s Secretary . She thinks that she Couldn’t Be all Around Abhi all the time , So she hires Monica as Abhi’s secretary thinking that she will stay with Abhi all the time and will Protect Him . Pragya also Gives Some important Files to monica for some Work . Pragya Doesn’t Know that Abhi’s Life is in danger as The Person who wants to kill Abhi is none other than Monica Herself…!! Pragya has Always Loved Abhi and Fulfilled all the Responsibilities of A Loving and a Caring Wife . That’s Why a Wife is Called Better half …!! No Matter What Abhi’s Family has been doing with Pragya – she has been so much through all the

emotional stress , but keeping Personal Grudges Aside , Pragya Always Prayed For her Husband Abhi . She always Stood By Abhi in order to protect him . THis time again she wants to Protect Abhi , But She Herself Landed Abhi in a Big Trouble . News are around that Alia will start Doubting Monica’s Intention and she will inform pragya about that . Alia and Pragya Might be together to save Abhi – That will be Nice to see in the Upcoming Episodes . Stay Tuned to TellyLove For More Updates .
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Ishqbaaz Latest News Shivay and Anika Kiss Ishqbaaz – Shivay Anika Romance

Ishqbaaz Latest News Shivay And Anika Kiss – #Redefining Romance ….!!
Shivay and Anika Kiss

Ishqbaaz Latest News : Shivay and Anika are Alone at Home . Anika asks Shivay that there’s something Left for him in the Room & Asks Him to Wear it and Come to the Pool Side. Shivay Couldn’t Wait Anymore For Anika . Shivay Reaches Pool Side and Sees Anika Coming towards him in a Pink and White Saree… Gush of Wind Blows…Shivay Approaches Anika in Full Romantic Mood . Anika Smiles and Blushes , She starts breathing Heavier and Heavier . Shivay says that Anika herself is the Biggest Surprise for Him 🙂 Shivay And Anika Reach the Hall Area . As Shivay starts going towards

Anika , He throws a Paint Box by his foot by mistake . Anika Starts Laughing . Shivay throws Another Paint Box towards Anika and…. SPLASHH….!! THE – OO JAANA MOMENT….! Anika with Red Paint All Over Her Body …. How can Anika be left behind in matter of throwing things…? Anika throws Red Paint Box too.. On shivay . Shivay with his hands in Anika’s Hair ,  Anika Seductively Unbuttons Shivay’s shirt , She Gathers More Red paint form the ground and Passionately applies that on Shivay’s Neck . As He Pulls Anika towards his side , Anika turns and strikes more paint boxes with her foot And The Whole Floor transforms into a colorful World…Both roll over the ground in ” Yeh Laal Ishq ” Background… Shivay Approaches Anika Slowly and Gets More Close to Her and Finally Shivay and Anika Kiss Each Other …… A Passionate Kiss ….!! As They Wake Up in the Next Morning , they Find themselves amidst a world Full of Beautiful Colors….! #Redifining Romance…!! That’s How beautiful Love is ….
Keep Falling in Love.
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Shivaay Anika – Wealth and Love Balance..?

shivay anika november 2017 ishqbaaz

shivay anika november 2017 ishqbaaz
In the upcoming episodes we will see a rich businessman shivay singh oberoi Goes into a “chawl” To live with anika just Rs 200 PER DAY…??
One Might think this is not Possible……!! This though of being impossible is Natural one.. But This – Happens in INDIA…!! Yes People survive on Rs 200 Per day..!! THey Have so much satisfaction and are highly contented – THey survive anyhow..!! Not even one single man , But Even ?

many Families survive at this cost per day… They adjust…!! They care and support their loved ones..!!
This journey of shivay and anika will be interesting to watch but ,when you have Your LOVE BY YOUR side things seem easy..
Shivay already had trouble travelling in an Autorickshaw.. He even asked for SEAT BELT in autorickshaw.. Let’s see what happens next..!! Keep Watching the show…!!
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Kaira – Modern World’s Couple setting Up An Example

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai November 2017 Kartik Naira
Kartik has been supporting naira as an Ideal Husband ?.. the day he married Naira. Naira’s journey has not been so smooth in her In Laws House..
Loving , Caring is Naira’s Nature and she captured Everyone’s Hearts in her new house. Kartik wanted to leave his family Earlier when he learnt’ about how Naira was treated in his Family. But naira held on to her thoughts of Love? and affection as she always wanted a COMPLETE FAMILY….

She wanted a HOME.. As in TODAY’s WOrld it’s quite common finding that everyone Wants a NUCLEAR family – Everyone Wants FREEDOM.. But Kartik and Naira Have setup a Beautiful Example to hold on to your thoughts – Believe in Love? , strength of Family and Stay UNITED..!!!
Despite Being Modern , they setup a beautiful example of todays world Modern Couples…!! Kaira Chose their Family , THey chose

their Happines…!!
There are Issues in the family , Some People Never understand you , Your Modern thoughts.. But still You have to hang on there … Take Your Time and Then decide anything… In Modern World too Blend Of traditional thoughts and Modern thinking is DIFFICULT but NOT IMPOSSIBLE…!!
Stay Happy , Stay Blessed…!! Keep Falling in Love?…
Support Your Husbands , Support Your Wives..!! 😛
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Priyank And Divya Breakup – Bigg Boss 11 Weekend Ka Vaar

Priyank Sharma Breakup Divya Bigg Boss 11

Priyank Sharma Breakup Divya Bigg Boss 11
Priyank Sharma’s
Girlfriend Divya Has Officially announced her breakup with Priyank. Ever since Priyank Sharma has entered Bigg Boss Season 11 , He has been the most talked about contestant , About his Reality Shows , About his Personal Life , about his Link Ups. He has been a Part of Roadies and then He has Been a Part Of SplitsVilla , Where he Found his “True Love” Divya Aggarwal . His journey with Divya Aggarwal has been

Full of Ups and Down in splitsvilla too . He Didn’t Become the IDEAL MATCH according to the ORACLE of Splitsvilla So He has to Continue His Journey With Nibedita . Divya Was Insecure about Priyank and it has been seen in Splitsvilla also. Now in
Bigg Boss Season 11 His Closeness With Benafsha Soonawala Became the Hot Topic . Hina Khan Discussed with

benafsha that she has something “More than Love” In Benafsha and Priyank’s Eyes . And Priyank Also Mentioned in front of Benfasha that He is Not So Sure About Someone OUTSIDE. By Seeing All This , Divya Agarwal Finally Announced Her Breakup With Priyank Sharma…!! She Confessed in an Interview that she cannot withstand this and it is For Her Self Respect that she had took this Decision.

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya Story – Tejasswi Prakash

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya – Story

Rishta Likhenge Hum naya Tejasswi Prakash Story
Tejasswi Prakash – is all set to play the role of “ Diya “ Who Married Ratan In the Previous Series – Pehredaar Piya Ki . Tejasswi has won hearts playing the Role of Ragini in Swaragini and Gained a Lot of appreciation for her work. RAGLAK Fans wanted a season 2 of swaragini , but she was roped in to play the role of Diya in Pehredaar Piya ki. It was a Controversial show , in which

an Adult – Diya married a 8 Year Old Child Ratan . Diya’s Responsibility was to save Ratan’s Life and she married Ratan due to his Dying Father’s Request. Now , There is a Sequence to This Show – Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya . With Rohit Suchanti Being roped in to play the Lead Role of Ratan . As Ratan Returns to his Home – place , Diya is all geared up for

the dangers that will be coming up her and Ratan’s ways . She is well aware of the people trying to claim Ratan’s Life .
Her Journey with Ratan will be shown in this upcoming Quality show – “ Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya” ,. All Tejasswi Fans – Be Ready to Watch her on screen On Sony Tv From 7th November Onwards at 9 pm Prime Time Slot…!!
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