Naamkaran Latest News Marriage is Not Only About Love & Romance – Avni Neil Naamkaran 2017

Naamkaran Latest News

Naamkaran Latest News

Marriage has been perceived as a Journey Full of Love , Romance , But Avni – Neil Are Beyond this. Their marriage has been as journey full of responsibilities – Towards their Family , Towards Each other and towards their Work. Neil , who works as an inspector is always busy in his work to ensure Everyone gets Justice. His Responsibilities towards his Family and Work kept him away from a so called Happy married Life . On Return Of Juhi , He was shattered , as one normally is on seeing flashes of Past in front of one’s Eyes. He Broke Down during that phase of his life , He Dealt with a Woman Trafficking Unit Not Caring For His life . Avni Supported Neil Completely in his Work Risking Her Life Too. People Perceive that after marriage , They will have Love Blossoming in their lives and Happiness all Around . They Find a new World in their Partner where they Get Lost. But Completely Opposite Happens with Avni And Neil. They Never Thought Selfishly about Being With Each other , Spending Quality Time , Ignoring their Duties , responsibilities towards their Family and Their Work. They Setup a Perfect Example of Modern Day Couple , the hardships they face – while Balancing their Love life and Social Life . Avneil Showed Faith – trust , Belief in each other , Keeping their expectations from each other Minimal. Even in the recent episodes it is seen that Neil Is Fighting to Get Back his Daughter with Avni Equally Supporting him , even though Mishti is Not Her daughter . They Plan together For Mishti’s escape . Vidyut Finds out that Mishti is Missing and its only a doll Kept on the chair rather than Mishti Herself. Vidyut’s men Catch Neil and Vidyut threatens Neil and asks him about Mishti . Avni is still Out of the Casino with Mishti . Neil stands Firm and doesn’t tell Vidyut where Mishti is .
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  1. Yes , The Show Emphasizes on Family Responsibilities , Relations And Dedication towards your Work Above Romance . That’s a More realistic approach and the show is doing well in terms of TRP’s …!!

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